Gerald Lu and Joel from Praelum wine bistro and Wine bar enjoys Sindhi Wines.

Their taste notes:
“Sindhi wines offers a lovely expression of the Monastrell grape coming from Murcia in Spain. Typically used in several parts of the world as part of a blend, it is endearing to see Sindhi producing a pure expression of this hard-to-grow grape varietal. Ripe and fruit-forward, this juicy expression of the grape packs a punch of flavor which include pitted prunes and dark cherry. A firm acid backbone gives life to the wine whereas a layered finish of cinnamon and savory meats makes this Monastrell as excitable as it should be. Drink now or cellar for 3-5 years. Lovely with roasted or broiled expressions of poultry and game, accompanied with soft spices and a touch of savory fruit.”

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