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Organic and biodynamic farming are the cornerstones of our work philosophy.

The art of growing vines and making wine is a gratifying subject both to learn and to teach others. The vineyards which surround the farmhouse and cellar where we cook our wines are the perfect learning ground where theory and practice merge together, and for that reason, we give our vines personal treatment, because each and every one of them is unique and can give us something different. Our  cavas convey the passion with which we work the land where we were born.

Our wine estate is located approximately 40km from Barcelona and belongs mainly to the municipal area of Subirats, although there is a part of the estate which also belongs to the municipal area of Avinyonet. In total, we have 30 hectares of vineyards, wheat fields and woodland. Each corner of the estate has its own identity and its unique characteristics. To the south of the estate, we feel the influence of the Mediterranean Sea breeze; the north is dominated by Montserrat; the East is overlooked by the Ordal foothills, and the west looks out over the central plains of the Penedès. We know the estate like the back of our hand and, as a result, we have planted the grape varieties in accordance with their needs and the soil characteristics of each plot. We believe that soil type is one of the most important aspects of the land when it comes to winegrowing.

We aim to create balance between the natural habitat and all of the flora and fauna which inhabit it. The energy coming from the moon and the earth determine our calendar of work in the vineyard and the cellar. We believe and respect nature and its balance. We want to form part of it. That is why we believe in organic and biodynamic farming.

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