located between 1,350 and 1,700 meters



The winery from Inazares produces the very taste of Sindhi Wines in the Northeastern region of Murcia, where vineyard plantations are located with the aim of producing wines at the highest level , both for the quality of products, and altitude of the vineyard, the highest in Europe, as it is located between 1,350 and 1,700 meters.

In Inazares pioneering grape varieties are developed in the region, with the vision of making great sparkling wines , white and ice wine that mimic exactly plantations different parts of the world.

Following the principles of biodynamic agriculture , Sindhi Wines is working on creating a self-sufficient organism where our animals , oils , cheeses and beers, are the genesis of our philosophy.

In short, a new way for winemaking , linking the technology with more traditional methods , which lead us to Multidinámico (Multidynamic) concept coined by our winemaker , Pedro Olivares

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